Are you currently exploring pest repellent options? Unwanted pests in the home can be extremely annoying, but that doesn’t always mean you want to destroy them, which may lead you to consider ultrasonic pest repellents. How do they work?

Ultrasonic pest repellents are usually plug-in devices designed to release a high-frequency sound. While this sound shouldn’t affect larger animals, it is unpleasant to small creatures which encourages them to make a speedy retreat. The question is, though, is it effective?

Studies have been done that test the effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control. Some of these studies revealed that it does not work to deter all kinds of pests. For example, cockroaches sadly did not show too many signs of being affected by it. There also seemed to be no effect on ants or spiders. Studies also showed that, with time, some animals became used to the sound and were no longer put off by it. Another issue with ultrasonic pest control is that the sound will not travel through solid objects. So, if you are using one in a room filled with furniture, it will not have as long a range as you need it to have.

What do consumers say? Many consumers claim that ultrasonic pest control is actually very effective. So, what should we conclude? If you would like to try out this type of pest control method for yourself, take the time to read the customer reviews and see which type seems to be the best. Then you can discover for yourself if ultrasonic plug-in pest control is right for you.