In this blog, we are talking about sinkholes and the signs to check for that indicate one is forming. Sinkholes, as we know, can be extremely destructive, so it is important to look out for some of the warning signs. Here are a few of them:

Sinkhole warning signs can range from being very subtle to very obvious. Among the more subtle signs you may notice are patches of plant life dying off for no apparent reason. This happens when a sinkhole starts to drain the plant’s water source. You may also notice fence posts or trees listing and areas that usually sit in the ground become exposed. Water may also start to gather in places where it has never done so before. Then there are the more noticeable signs such as sudden ground fissures, cracks that develop in a circular pattern, and rapid ground subsidence.

What about inside the house? What warning signs would you see? As with outside, warning signs vary. For example, do not ignore any cracks that suddenly appear on the walls or floors of the home as they could be major sinkhole indicators. You should also look out for doors and windows that have started to shift slightly and no longer close easily. Well water, if you have it, may look cloudy or muddy.

If you notice any of these signs on your property, what should you do? Firstly, don’t panic as the issues you are observing may be signs of a different problem. The best thing to do is have the property inspected to properly diagnose any problems and rule out the possibility of a sinkhole.