Ants are among the most common kinds of pest you will see in your home, as they are drawn to any place with a supply of food and water. While they are not usually a problem for humans, ants may do some damage to your home, especially if they are carpenter ants. So, what are some signs that your home has an ant infestation?

One of the most evident signs will be a trail of ants. Ants like to use structural elements, such as wires and pipes or along baseboards, in order to travel to their destination. You could see hundreds of them in a line doing this. If you want to find their point of entry, follow their trail.

Ants have scouts that they send out to look for food. If you notice a few ants wandering around, these are the scouts. If you follow them, you will find out where their nest or point of entry is.

You will also discover that ants, especially carpenter ants, tend to nest in damp wood. Search for ant nests in areas of your home that have been damaged by water leaks. The surrounds of bathtubs and sinks, badly sealed door and window frames, and the roof are all potential places for ants to nest.

As ants hollow out the wood, they create galleries. Although you may not notice obvious signs of damage, you may see some fine sawdust, this is generated after the galleries are formed. Tap on some woodwork with a screwdriver, and if dust falls from it, you may have discovered an ant nest.

Look for cracks or holes in walls, foundations, and areas where pipes enter the home. These are idyllic entry points for ants, not to mention other insects, so you should deal with these problem areas as quickly as possible.