The answer to the above question is yes. There is more than one type of drywall. Let’s look at two kinds and see how they could be used in your home.

Most people will be familiar with the traditional kind of drywall which is made up of a gypsum core and wrapped in super thick paper. The advantage of traditional drywall is that because it is more commonly known, it is widely available. It is also reasonably easy to install and achieve a smooth finish. A disadvantage is that due to its composition, it is rather susceptible to water damage which can lead to problems like mold.

The other type of drywall we will consider is paperless drywall, this kind of drywall is comprised of a water-resistant gypsum center covered with fiberglass. The benefits of paperless drywall are that it is much stronger than its traditional counterpart. It is also much more resistant to water damage. Its strength can sometimes be its weakness, however, as it is harder to install and requires more effort to obtain a smooth finish. You may also find it harder to find as it is less common.

So, which drywall should you use? A comparison of the two shows that each type of drywall will work well in different areas of the house. For example, paperless drywall could be used in high humidity areas like a bathroom or basement, and traditional drywall can be used in areas of the home where you want to see nice smooth walls.