Spring is almost here and with it the weekly opportunity to mow your grass. More maintenance is a must before things get too hairy outside. Here’s a checklist to help you get back up and running:

  • Inspect the air filter – A clogged and dirty air filter can put stress on the mower and burn gas less efficiently.
  • Change the spark plug – The spark plug is a very important element of a functioning lawnmower. It’s inexpensive and easy to replace. Change the spark plugs every year so that you’re sure of a starting mower.
  • Sharpen the blade – Mower blades go through a lot of stress rocks, Long branches other hidden objects. This can tell the plate and rip and tear the grass instead of providing a clean cut. A mower shop can sharpen your blades for a small fee.
  • Check the belts – This probably won’t take more than a visual inspection. But you definitely want to make sure that any belt on the mower looks free from any splits or cracks. Also, look for signs of twisted belts.
  • Check the oil – Speaking of oil one of the more important parts of more maintenance comes down to oil levels and oil cleanliness. If the oil in the engine appears black or has debris floating in it it’s time to drain and replace it.

Maintain your lawnmower in the spring so you have great fresh cuts of lawn in the summer.