Many people look forward to their retirement years.  It is a time when they will be able to take things easy and do things they’ve longed to do.  Good preparation, however, is essential to enjoying these years.  While it may not be an enjoyable thought, how can you start to prepare your home for a time when you might not be as active and mobile as you are now?

  • A good start is to have your home inspected for areas that might need future work or maintenance.  For example, what kind of condition are areas like the roof or heating system in? Will they need to be replaced at some point?
  • Are you thinking about doing some remodeling?  It might be a good idea to incorporate certain features that will be easy to use for someone with limited mobility etc.
  • Another good plan is to start a separate savings account specifically for the maintenance of the house.  By doing this, you will not have to worry so much about where to find the money for any major jobs that might need doing in the future.
  • Its always wise to keep family members in the loop when it comes to your plans, especially if they would be the ones to take care of you in the future.  Let them know your plans for the home, so that they can make decisions according to your wishes.

From this brief review, we can see the wisdom in having a good retirement plan, not just for you, but for your home as well.  If you would like to schedule a home inspection, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.