Many homeowner’s attics are used as a storage base and not a very organized storage space. The attic could become potentially one of the most exciting places in the entire house. There’s a lot of massive space there that could be used. 

There are some creative ways that you can turn your attic into something special. To do that you need some good solid finishing ideas for the attic. Here are a few creative ideas to consider:

  • Invest in some good proper insulation for your attic because it’s very close to the roof of your home. Once this space has been properly insulated it can become a great canvas to embrace some great ideas.
  • Consider installing a skylight. The skylight is a way to get some great natural light into your attic space. It can also make the attic feel more spacious for minimal effort. You can simply turn off and on the source of light by adding blinds to your skylight.
  • Attics are a great place to install bookshelves. Think of the attic as a space filled with books and a retreat for private reading sessions.
  • Game Room!  A game room is always a big hit in the attic. This is especially true, in a home with kids. It’s a great hideaway for people in the home to escape and play.
  • Triangular shelving in the wall looks great in an attic where the roof is triangular. You can install hanging elements if your roof is high, like a ceiling fan which works great on hot summer days.