Stormwater and rainfall can cause damage. For this reason, protecting your property to handle the amount of water it receives is critical. There are a variety of solutions, depending on the exact problem and issues of your property. Sometimes a combination of solutions is the best plan of action. 

Here are a few options to divert water away from your home.

  1. Trench drains. This is a good solution for heavily paved areas like walkways and driveways.  A trench drain is a concrete-lined channel that helps direct water flow and filters out debris using grates or filters.
  2. French drains. This drain uses perforated pipes that channel water in a specific direction. These pipes are usually covered with rocks and gravel to help with the flow of water and filtration.
  3. A dry Creek. This is a great solution for backyard drainage issues and it’s very aesthetically pleasing. A shallow trench is lined with stones and rocks and allows water a place to flow.
  4. Site grading. This solution involves changing the landscape to encourage water to flow away from the house.
  5. Dry wells and reservoirs. Building a dry well underground or reservoir on the surface gives excess water a place to flow.

Try using a few of these options to help divert water away from your home.