Your home is a safe place. However, there are always risks. The good news is that by incorporating just a few tips, your home can be even safer than it is now. Here are a few tips to make your home a safer place.

  • Install a deadbolt. But it is suggested that you only lock it when you’re asleep or need extra protection.
  • Install a safety door. In an effort to put an extra layer between an intruder and the screen door. Every screen door needs a safety door to go with it. 
  • Use window film especially if you have front doors with side pane glass. The glass looks nice but adds a home security complication: privacy. You can see right through these windows and into your yard. It is great that you can see other people, but it’s bad that they can see you. So, add a decorative window film to solve the problem. 
  • It will also help to shut your blinds at night. Lights on, dark outside? Keep your blinds shut. Burglars and intruders can take advantage of that time of night when they can see straight into your home.
  • Make porch lights automatic. Anything from motion-based lights to a setup that allows you to turn your lights on at sunset and off at sunrise. Light up the dark around your home. Porch lights are essential and lighting up your backyard with motion lights. Ensure those entrance areas into your home are well lit.

Keep looking for ways to keep your home safe and sound. If you do, you will lower your safety risks.