We are all aware of the destructive nature of tornadoes. So, the question we should all ask ourselves is would I know what to do if a tornado strikes my area? Here are a few of the steps you should take if there is a tornado warning in your location:

Before there is even a possibility of a storm it is good to have an emergency plan set in place. Your entire household should also be familiar with this plan so that you can all stay as safe as possible. First, you should find out where the nearest storm shelter is and see how long it takes to get there.

In the event that you cannot reach a storm shelter, it is good to determine the safest place to shelter inside your home. Choose an interior room with no exterior walls and no windows. Bathrooms are often good places to take shelter as pipes and plumbing fixtures can give extra support. Avoid sheltering under a room that contains heavy appliances or furniture as these could seriously injure you if the floor gave way.

If you have some notice that a storm is approaching, turn off your gas, electricity, and water at the mains. This will help to prevent further damage if the storm hits your home. If there is time, you should also try to remove mirrors and pictures from the walls and secure anything that could become a projectile.

Lastly, have an emergency kit easily at hand with essential items you may need for at least three days. A kit like this is essential for any household during an emergency situation.