In the first blog of this month, we discussed the steps you need to take to prepare yourself in the event of a tornado. Now we are going to talk about the type of damage you can expect if your home is in a tornado’s path.

Tornados frequently uproot trees which can disrupt gas lines. So before you turn the gas on in your home, you will need to check your area for signs of this.

Depending on the strength of the tornado, the damage to your home may be very noticeable or not so much. However, even a smaller tornado can do a lot of damage, so don’t assume everything is okay just because you don’t see too much visible damage. For example, the house may have some structural damage. Check for stress cracks that appear after the tornado, particularly around where the walls meet the ceiling. Use a level to see if floors or walls have shifted.

One of the most common parts of the house that will sustain damage in a tornado is the roof. Try to repair any damage to your roof as quickly as possible to prevent further problems like water intrusion.

Another area of the house to check is the plumbing system. Go through the home, and turn on every faucet and then look out for leaking water. Check under sinks and in surrounding cabinetry as well.

Only if it is safe to do so, take a look in crawlspaces and areas where there is masonry. If you observe even a slight amount of damage it means, there could be some damage to the home’s foundations. It is very important to have this inspected as the entire home’s structure could become compromised.

This is just some of the damage your home may sustain after a tornado. Remember that safety should always come first, so if you are worried about damage in your home, have it inspected by a professional.