We have an abundance of technology these days that give us the ability to secure our home and its contents. Sometimes, though, we overlook the simple, low-tech methods for protecting our valuables from intruders. What are some of those methods?

If a thief manages to break into your house, they will not want to stick around for long to avoid detection. Hiding your precious objects in places that would require a lot of effort to locate is a good way to keep them safe. For example, if you have a substantial collection of books on a bookshelf, you could use a couple of hollowed-out ones to keep small objects like jewelry. Another good place to hide valuables is in storage boxes in the garage. What thief is going to want to spend time rifling through boxes marked decorating supplies or old children’s clothes on the off chance there may be a valuable object in there?

Perhaps you are thinking of buying a safe for your valuables. If so, it is good to note that a burglar can remove a safe from the wall much easier than one that has been installed into the floor.

Where else can you hide your precious objects? Try places where you would never normally dream of storing them, such as underneath the garbage bag in a trash can or under a plant in its pot. These are dirty areas, though, so make sure you put your valuables in something that will protect them first.